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Hi and welcome to my blog Bijoux, Bonbon and Beau! I am so happy you have found my way to my site and I hope you enjoy reading my posts, learn something new, and maybe laugh a few times at my attempts to be funny. This blog means the world to me, it has really saved my life. I was so scared to start it in the beginning and took months for me to muster up the courage to do so. I could not be more happy that I finally did it because writing about what I love and sharing it with all of you brings so much joy to my days. 

So a little bit about me: I am in my junior year of college and counting down the days until I can begin my future in the fashion industry. I have always said that I am not made for college because I am just too darn excited about what happens after. I hate the party scene and I hate sitting in classrooms all day when I could be out in the real world learning! Well luckily I only have a year left!

I am majoring in retail merchandising and I hope to be a buyer within the high end fashion industry some day. I love every second of my major because it combines my love of fashion and business into one major!

I was born and raised in California but I go to school in the Midwest. I love to shop and follow current trends which is a big reason I started this blog. So many of my friends ask where I shop and want style advice so I thought I would share it with the world (or whoever reads my blog).

So many of you may be wondering what Bijoux, Bonbon and Beau means and how I came up with that name for my site. When brainstorming ideas I knew I needed something cool but I wanted it to have meaning behind it. The name is from one of my favorite childhood books and it just clicked. 

Thank you for finding your way to my page and I hope you subscribe and contact me about content you'd like to see! I am so excited to be on this journey and cannot wait to see where this takes me. So, here it goes!



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Bijoux: Something delicate, elegant, or highly prized

Bonbon: Something that is pleasing in a light or frivolous way

Beau: Beautiful