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The Trends You Love but Your Mother Hates...

We have all found ourselves standing in a fitting room probably more than once begging our moms to buy us the newest fad and leaving the mall empty handed. Although our moms are our best friends and shopping buddies 90% of the time, some girls’ days in the city do not go as planned, leading to awkward silence in the car on the way home. So here are a few styles my mom can’t stand that I have added to my wardrobe.

Distressed Denim and Unfinished Hems

Dating back to my Abercrombie and Fitch phase, Pam (my mom) detested ripped jeans and it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I bought a pair without her permission and let me tell you, that conversation as I walked in the house on a weekend home went less than stellar. I mollified her by saying they are in style and were only $60 instead of $200. Well, now 2 summers deep working at Nordstrom selling Paige Denim, Rag & Bone, Frame, AG, etc… my appreciation for distressed jeans has skyrocketed. So a fun fact to sell your mom on the next time the “why am I paying so much for jeans that are already ‘ruined’?” discussion comes up is: ripped jeans are more expensive because all the distressing is done by hand (like wow, those are some talented people if I do say so myself).

I am proud to say 2 ½ years later I have gotten Pam in a pair of unfinished hem jeans (NYDJ of course) and I give myself props for that. My dad on the other hand is still a work in progress on these trends. Someday I will not have comments from the peanut gallery (my dad) saying “can we not afford jeans without holes?”, “Did they forget to hem your pants?”. I’ll keep you posted when we cross that bridge!

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Will Alexander McQueen Please stand up?! Let’s give this skull genius a round of applause for his success in making skulls a work of art. I have only recently become drawn to skulls after seeing them all over. My current obsession combines Cashmere 360 sweaters and skulls… so thank you for causing my credit card to get declined at the grocery store, more than once. If you don’t own a sweater from Cashmere 360 you are missing out.  These are seriously the softest clothing items you will ever put on your body. If you have an absurd amount of skull clothing and your mom is starting to worry, then keep it up, you’re doing great sweetie!

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Ok, this one isn’t fashion related or something your mom hates but I think it is pretty relatable for most. When taking artsy pictures to post on Instagram first became a thing, my mom did not understand why the heck it was important to take a billion pictures in multiple poses just in hopes one would be “Instagram-able.” But with coaching, our moms have all become our best photographers, heck they created us – they know our best angles. My mom is now as excited for vacation photo shoots in new swimsuits as I am. She even knows how to tilt my phone just the right way, and searches out walls and murals for the best backgrounds. She refers to my Instagram as “ours” and asks how many likes “we’ve gotten”. I really hope I am not the only one whose mother has actually taken a liking to this one “trend.” In the wise words of Pam - “is it Artsy Fartsy?” I’ve created a monster!


Okay, that's all for now... I Love You Mom!



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