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  • Lindy Martinson

Present Procrastinator

So the countdown to Christmas is in the single digits and you're out of time to find the perfect stocking stuffer for your mom, sister, or best friend? Have no fear, Lindy is here! I put together some of my 'must - haves' to help you brainstorm the perfect last minute gift.

Moisturizing Essentials

I want to highlight the Bum Bum cream because Sephora has an amazing deal on it right now. You can buy it in a pack of three for just $40 and it smells so so so amazing. I also am in love with this L'Ooccitane hand cream that I always keep in in my backpack or purse. It is essential to getting your hands through winter.

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Travel Essentials

Something on my wishlist is the HP Sprocket. I think it is a better alternative to carrying around a clunky polaroid camera during your travels!

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Hair Essentials

I obviously love each of these products bu the Bombay Hair 5 - in - 1 Curling Wand is a recent purchase of mine. The best part is so many celebrities give out codes for 50% off this product. I used Lauren Oshie's code LAUREN50.

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Girl's Night In Essentials

Okay, how cute are the BABE Rosé cans!? Swish Beverages has so many cute gift ideas that involve Rosé. So perfect for your wine addicted BFF!

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When in doubt... fuzzy socks!



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