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  • Lindy Martinson

Everyone Loves A Good Comeback Story

Hi! And Happy New Year! I apologize for not posting recently. I was trying to get in some much needed relaxation before heading back to school for second semester. Additionally, I was lacking some creativity for what to post on. But while driving home this morning after grabbing an acai bowl with my best friend, it all came to me. As you know, fashion continues to repeat itself. So this post is going to be all about trends/fads that are making or should make their way back into the spotlight! I might be a little biased… I am currently sitting in bed wearing Lululemon Astro pants and a baby pink velour Juicy Jacket, watching the ever so classic Superbad on E!.

Trend #1 Juicy Couture Tracksuit

While in Los Angeles at the Teen Vogue Summit back in December, Juicy Couture had a booth and was handing out free Juicy jackets. Yes, free. Yes, the jackets you used to beg your mom to buy you in elementary school. So obviously I got one and realized Juicy really needs to make a comeback in 2018. I know they have collaborated with Urban Outfitters, but I’m talking like full blown track suit bliss again. Go buy yours now, or dig the old one out of your closet, and let’s make 2018 the year Juicy velour track suits make a comeback.

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Trend #2 Lululemon Astro Yoga Pant

If boot cut jeans can make a comeback, so can the Astro pant. They may not be as flattering for your figure as leggings but they sure are comfy to wear around your apartment, go to the grocery store, or just sit in your boring hour and a half lecture at school. Unfortunately, this is the best lulu has to offer right now :(

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Trend #3 Overalls

For a few years now, overalls have been creeping their way back into style. I kid you not, I had 4 customers call into Nordstrom this past summer asking if we carried overalls. I still don’t know if I will be wearing them anytime soon, but my friend tried on a pair at Free People last weekend and wow… she looked amazing in them (they were leather)!!

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Trend #4 Tiny Sunglasses

To be honest, last season when the Kardashians all started wearing small framed sunglasses, I was a little perplexed. After seeing them pop up more, I tried them on just for a good laugh. Upon looking in the mirror, I definitely laughed but I was also surprised they didn’t look god awful on me… might just have to buy a pair for myself.

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What trend do you want to make a comeback?



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