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Spring Break Edition - Part 2

Spring Break Beauty Tips & Tricks

I am no beauty guru. Let's get that straight. You will not see me posting makeup tutorials because that would be a catastrophe, but this post is about the basic products that don't require you to be an expert to use. During my vacations, I like to keep everything very natural. I am not someone who wears make up a ton anyways so being makeup free in my vacation Instagram pictures doesn’t bother me a ton. In fact, I feel more confident because my skin is healthier and tan.

It is very important to adjust your beauty routine while on vacation because sun can be really damaging to your skin. In this post I will be walking you through my beauty product regimen while on holiday! All the products are linked below :)

Lotions & Moisturizers

It is so important to keep your skin hydrated daily, but twice as important when spending long hours in the hot sun.

  • Body lotion – I like a lotion that has no scent and is an intense repair. My legs and arms dry out really fast on hot days so before bed each night I apply lotion to both those areas.

  • Face moisturizer- This is so so important. The sun can cause wrinkles and dark spots and we don’t want that now, do we. To keep my face from drying out, peeling, or aging, I use a strong hydrating face cream morning and night. Added points if it has SPF in it! I forgot to include this in the pictures down below but I use First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration from Sephora.

  • Sunscreen! – This is most important. Your mom was doing you a favor by chasing you around the house trying to smother you in sunscreen. I bring three types of sunscreen with me- this might seem a little extra but I promise it will keep you from getting burnt.

  • Step 1: Face Sunscreen – I like to apply a face specific sunscreen to avoid adding more oils to my face and help prevents breakouts. Do not just rely on a moisturizer with SPF, the skin on your face is so delicate so protect it! When in doubt throw a hat on.

  • Step 2: Before I put my swim suit on I like to apply sunscreen to my chest, and areas around my bikini bottoms. This will keep you from burning if your swimsuit moves around throughout the day.

  • Step 3: Last, I go outside and spray sunscreen on my arms, stomach, and legs. I have someone spray my back and shoulders for me! Don’t forget to keep applying it throughout the day.

  • Bum Bum cream – I love this stuff. It smells amazing, firms your skin, and adds a little shine and sparkle to your skin. I like to apply it (to my bum and stomach/ab area) right before I put my swimsuit on in the morning and after a shower in the afternoon.


I am not one to do a lot with my hair in general. On vacation I take that to a whole new level. I just let it do its think because if its been in a bun or braids you can always jump in the ocean or pool and get out the kinks. I usually keep my hair pulled back in either a top knot or ponytail. If you do put your hair in braids, make sure to get sunscreen for your scalp to avoid burns. From personal experience, it hurts. Always keep a brush, hair tie, and hat in your beach bag just incase! To get beach waves I like to use spray by Kevin Murphy. It makes your hair smell like coconut and just gives you some subtle beach hair. Always keep a brush, hair tie, and hat in your beach bag just incase!


I never put make up on while on vacation for a few reasons

  1. It is a nice break for your skin to breathe

  2. You can’t go in the water without it all coming off and looking like a raccoon.

If you are someone who feels they need to wear makeup while lounging by the pool try to keep in minimal. Let your tan do all the work! Try to stick with just some highlighter and a mascara. I would recommend this mascara from the body shop. It seriously does not come off, a good thing for a day on the beach. My one tip when using it is to use an old wand from your daily mascara to get the same look and volume.

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There might be a part 3, I don't know yet... you'll just have to wait and see!! :)



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