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  • Lindy Martinson

The Third Piece Is A Charm

Hi, I am back, and back for good. I greatly apologize for going MIA on all of you. I was clearly not made to take 5 classes, work 24 hours a week, and blog all at the same time. But, with that being said, it’s summer now!! Prepare your self for an overload of posts because I am so happy that I will finally have time to devote myself to all of my readers!

So let's talk jackets! You’re probably like, wait a minute, why are we talking about jackets when it's like 80 degrees outside??? Well, the warm temps outside bring frigid buildings. Midwestern states especially love to crank the A/C and it kills me. As someone who is always cold, spending summers working inside is awful. Luckily, jackets provide a fashionable solution.

Jackets, or ‘third pieces’ can help complete any look. Worn normally or draped over your shoulders they provide a fashion forward look all while tying together your outfit. As you know my style is pretty minimalistic. A t-shirt and jeans is my go to outfit so to add a little spice, I throw on a jacket. Below I’ve put some of my favorite pieces and styles to help you get an idea of how you can add third pieces into your summer outfits!

The Blazer

Style with jeans and a tank for a laid back yet sophisticated look.

1 I 2 3 I 4

The Moto Jacket

Pair with jeans or a dress – I promise these jackets are worth the investment.

1 I 2 3 I 4

The Jean Jacket

Wear over a sundress or with jeans (denim on denim has made a huge comeback)

1 I 2 3 I 4

All of these third pieces and more can be found at Nordstrom! Happy shopping and happy summer. I'm glad to be back. Below is how you'll feel when you throw that third piece on ;)



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