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The Key to Start Working Out

Hey, hey, hey, my people! 

So you are reading this post for one of two reasons, 1. you love me and read all my blog posts out of pity, or 2. you want to know what the key is to start working out. I have done a lot of research and have tried so so so many things, but you want to know what really works? Well keep reading.

Queue Dj Khaled voice- MAJOR KEY: cute workout clothes!!!!!

Haha you thought I like did some crazy workouts or whatever but no no cute workout clothes are the real key to wanting to get your butt out of bed and go work out. There is nothing better than showing up to Corepower Yoga Sculpt, Pure Barre, or Soul Cycle in a new 'fit'. I promise you will work 10x harder during that class.

So, lets talk about my favorite workout clothes! We will start with a crowd favorite...

Lululemon Athletica

If you were to ask me if I am team Lulu or team Athleta I would tell you I am 100% team Lulu. I have just never tried Athleta so I don't know how it performs. I have been a 'Lululemon Snob' since the age of 13 because everyone at my boarding school started wearing it. Lululemon took over my closet because I would train in it on the ice and also in the gym. My Wunder Under leggings were my favorite on the ice and my Speed Shorts were, and still are, my favorite work out short- I live in them. If you're someone who prefers wearing leggings to the gym I would suggest the Fast and Free pant!  For yoga, I also love the Wunder Under High Rise version but recommend the Luxtreme fabric over the Luon if you'll be sweating a ton. The best part about Lululemon is all the color and pattern options. Pair a fun legging with a matching sports bra and tank and head to the gym or workout class!

1  I  2  I  3

Alo Yoga

Alo is a huge brand in the yogi community and I have a new found love for their stuff. If you're lucky enough to live in LA, go check out one of their many stores. If not, you can buy Alo from a variety of retailers such as Nordstrom,,,, and at a lot of Yoga studios. They make probably my favorite leggings for a hot yoga class because they feel like you aren't wearing pants. The camo pair is hands down my favorite leggings I own.

1  I  2


I bought my first pair of Ultracor leggings in March and I have never loved something so much. These leggings have so many amazing features. Do you find yourself pulling up your leggings during a yoga class because I know I do. The waist band on these is perfect and solves that annoying problem. Second, they have like built in underwear because don't get me started on how hard it is to find the right pair of underwear to wear while working out. Third, they are so light and perfect if you'll be sweating a lot. I also have one of their matching tops and this set alone has gotten me to go workout plenty of times just because I want to put them on and show them off. I am wearing them as I write this because I was just at yoga and let me tell you, I got 5 compliments from strangers on the street. Talk about a confidence booster. **The set on the end I don't own but just thought was so cute**

1  I  2  I  3


If you are new to the work out world and don't want to drop $100+ on leggings, I recommend heading over to Nordstrom and buying the brand Zella. Zella makes a great legging. I have a few pairs and I'll admit they don't give you the shape Lululemon does or stay up as well, but definitely a great option for a less expensive legging! Both of these are under $40 right now!!

1  I  2

When I am on the hunt for new workout clothes and want some inspiration, I love looking at and I am sorry if you thought you were going to find some great workout or something...I can just help you look good while sweating profusely. Lastly, don't forget "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."



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