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  • Lindy Martinson

Shop Me & My Besties ~Affordable~ Lollapalooza Outfits!

Let me start off by telling you that my outfit was not planned to fall under the ~affordable~ category. I ordered over $3,000 worth of options for yes, one day of a music festival. What can I say, I am VERY indecisive and sometimes a girl just needs options. After trying on everything I ordered, I was left feeling defeated and uninspired because I hated everything. The day before the exciting day- my first ever music festival, I wandered downtown with hopes of finding something that spoke to me. I found an outfit (obviously) and better yet, it was CRAZY AFFORDABLE! I was also able to wear shoes and sunglasses I already owned. As you might notice my shirt is cropped in the picture and I just used scissors to cut it to the length I wanted. Each piece is linked below for you to shop!

Shirt I Skirt I Shoes I Bag I Sunglasses

Allison's Outfit

Allison (@allison_falken) looked so cute, sporty and on trend with her Brandy Melville racer stripe body-con and bright red fanny pack. Plus, she looked amazing without breaking the bank. Each piece is linked below for you to shop!

Dress I Shoes I Fanny Pack I Sunglasses

Emily's Outfit

Emily (@iemborn) really shocked us both when she announced that her shirt was from Target, and only $18!!! Like whattttt??? She also paired a platform shoe to give her some more height and elongate her legs and it for sure worked. She looked music festival ready in affordable pieces that she will wear again! Each piece is linked below for you to shop!

Shirt I Shorts I Shoes I Purse I Sunglasses

What is your favorite music festival? Comment below!



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