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How I Travel With Only A Carry On/Egypt Lookbook

There are some people who struggle to pack for an over night or weekend in a carry on bag, let alone a 2 week trip. I was one of those people a long time ago, but I have gotten it down to a system so that I am able to travel for up to three weeks with only a carry on suit case. And while that may seem impressive, I can also do it without wearing the same thing twice...not to toot my own horn.

To preface this - I have only done 3 weeks while going to the Bahamas and having a suit case full of bikinis is all I needed. Additionally, I probably would only be able to do a week in a carry on during the winter months. I am not that talented.

Let's Talk Carry-Ons... In September I purchased the ever-so-trendy Away Bigger-Carry On and I am obsessed. I truly would NOT have been able to fit all that I did during my trip to Egypt if it weren't for this 'Marry Poppins' like bag. I opted for the version without the battery because space inside the bag was more important to me than portable charging. In this bag I packed all of my clothes, shoes, and toiletries. I also put my hat, daypack, and sunglasses. In the look book section you will find a breakdown of all of this!

Use this link to get $20 off your Away Suitcase order!

For my under the seat bag, I took the backpack that has accompanied me to over 13 countries in 6 years - The North Face Borealis Backpack. (The one photographed is an updated version of the one I own.) In my backpack I put electronics like my camera, Bose noise canceling headphones (Mine are a much older version from 2009 lol but I can't travel without them) and a bag with adapters and chargers. I still had enough room to stuff my jacket if I got hot. On the outside I looped a travel pillow.

Key Tips To Packing Light:

  1. Plan your outfits ahead of time! This will eliminate overpacking, plan outfits day by day based off of your itinerary. Stop being so dang indecisive!!!!

  2. Get travel sizes of all of your liquids - If you don't like using the shampoo they have at the hotel, go to target and get reusable containers to bring your own.

  3. Get a pair of shoes that go with everything - Ex. I wore a white sneaker every. single. day.

  4. Leave bulky hair styling tools at home - Most don't work in the outlets in other countries. Otherwise, prioritize which you would use more - straightener or curling iron.

  5. Wear anything bulky or heavy (shoes/jacket) on the plane

The Everyday Essentials

Sneakers - Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker

Backpack - Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini

Sunglasses - Ray Ban Round Double Bridge

Hat - Nordstrom (Very old so linked a similar one)


Shirt - Madewell I Pants - Zara

Shirt - Vince I Pants - Vince

Top - Aritzia I Pants - Aritzia

Jumpsuit - Aritzia

Top - Bella Dahl I Pants - Zara

Swimsuit - Zadig & Voltaire

Headband - Forever 21 I Shirt - Zara (Can't find exact) I Pants - AG I Bag - Target


Shoe - Chloe I Dress - Vince I Shirt - Aritzia I Pants - Frame

Pants - Zara I Shirt - Lou & Grey I Dress - Current Elliot I Scarf - Nordstrom I Scarf - Nordstrom

Shirt - Zara I Shirt - Zara I Skirt - Zara I Pants - Aritzia I Shoes - Ugg

Okay, I lied - I did wear one pair of pants twice... but they just fit the desert vibe too well! Sue me for trying to get a good insta pic!!!!



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