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  • Lindy Martinson

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

If I am being honest, I was pretty underwhelmed by this years Anniversary sale. I am not sure if this is because most of the items on sale are repeats of what has been on sale the last few years or if because the Nordstrom I went to just didn't have any of the great options.

I shopped the NSale on Thursday night before it opened to everyone with a Nordstrom card and the merchandise was already pretty picked over. I struggled to find a lot of things in a XS or Small while my mom walked away with a lot of great pieces. I am however thankful to be of 'Icon' status (The new Level 4) allowing me to go in and shop 2 days before other cardholders because I was able to shop peacefully and not in a swarm of frantic shoppers.

This was my first time in four years that I was able to shop the sale instead of work it....thank god. Now that I am no longer working for Nordstrom I am able to see the sale as a consumer and not as an employee. While I think the sale i great to stock up on basics, a lot of the product is too trendy, thus being a consumerism trap. Shoppers will see the sale price and think they are getting a great deal, which they are, but they don't think if they really need the item.

In the last year or so my shopping habits have definitely changed. I have begun being a more consciences shopper and thinking twice before I buy something. So, if there is one take away I hope you get from this post it is this - Just because it is on 'sale' and seems like you are 'saving money' is it really something you love and will wear. If you look at how you are shopping big picture, I think it is better to not 'waste' money on sale things because they are on sale, rather save the money you would spend on it and put it towards maybe something that is more expensive but you would wear more frequently and honestly like to have in your closet more. Quality over quantity. So yes, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is super fun, but....people go a little nuts snatching everything they can get their hands on just because of the signs that say SALE!!!!!! Just something I have learned and observed from being on the employee side of the sale :)

Here is what I got!

Paige Jeans I Caslon Henley

Treasure & Bond Sweater I Zella Jacket

Halogen Long Sleeve

Dior Mascara I Steve Madden Sneakers I Nordstrom Earrings

If money were no object and I could buy whatever the heck I wanted, I would have also bought....

Happy Shopping :)



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